1. How to apply for a grant…

  • Meet the qualifications
  • Submit a Concept Letter to the Foundation via email
  • If you receive a favorable response, submit a full proposal with required attachments

2. Qualifications:

  • Be a 501 (c) (3) organization for five years
  • Located in and providing programs and services mainly within Fort Wayne and Allen County
  • Normally, consecutive years concept letters are not approved, however an approved grant may be paid over multiple years.
  • The foundation does not provide funding to private foundations, churches, state funded colleges and universities, or individuals (including scholarships).

3. Purpose:

Grants are made for capital expenditures (not annual support) which benefit the greatest number of individuals over the longest period of time. The Wildcat Athletic Association is an exception. The Foundation annually supports Wildcats since Dale W. McMillen established the League.

Capital expenditures include:

  • Land & Buildings (Capital Campaign)
  • Building Renovation
  • Equipment
  • Items having normal life expectancy of 3 yrs or more.